Name: Paul Prucnal, professor of electrical engineering Invention: Optical radiofrequency interference cancellation system
Name: Lynn Loo, associate professor of chemical and biological engineeringInvention: Conductive plastics for low-cost solar panels and electronics
Name: Michael McAlpine, assistant professor of mechanical and aerospace engineeringInvention: Piezorubber for flexible energy conversion
Name: Hilary Coller, assistant professor of molecular biologyInvention: Inducing apoptosis in quiescent cells
Name: James Sturm, the William and Edna Macaleer Professor of Engineering and Applied Science and director of the Princeton Institute for the Science and Technology of Materials, and
Names: Kai Li, the Paul M. Wythes '55 P86 and Marcia R. Wythes P86 Professor in Computer Science, and Moses Charikar, associate professor of computer science
Name: David MacMillan, the A. Barton Hepburn Professor of Organic Chemistry and chair of the Department of ChemistryInvention: OrgCAST, a technology for accelerating drug discovery
Name: Niraj Jha, professor of electrical engineering Invention: NATURE